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   Meet Teairra, founder of Message From Serenity. Originally from Chicago, she witnessed first hand how her environment affected her energy and way of living which prompted her to want a better life for herself. In March of 2019 she came to a point of self-realization the thing she feared most, public speaking, was what she was called to be of service to others. Using her voice was something that gave her anxiety for most of her life. Growing up she endured verbal and emotional abuse most of her childhood which shaped the way she communicated with others. However, she knew she needed to use her voice to help uplift people suffering from stress, addiction, depression, and social anxiety searching for more peace in their lives.

  After healing her own energy working with the 7 chakras, In 2019 she started Message From Serenity to uplift others by offering positive messages in her yoga practice, videos, and literature. Additionally, she decided to develop a community specifically for individuals to connect with and support each other on their journey as they raise their vibrations to self-heal.

   Some organizations and conservation projects Message From Serenity is connected to includes Child Serv, I Can Too Foundation, Rhonda's Kiss, Harvest Home, Elevation Society, and David Shepard's Wildlife Foundation.

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